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My work is far reaching…

I work with kids with communication, academic, behavioral, social, emotional and/or motor challenges.  After experiencing the unique combination of the many therapeutic interventions I incorporate into my sessions, these kids quickly report feeling more ease at school, at home, with friends, and in the world.

I work with adults who want to experience feeling more alive and present in their lives.  After experiencing this work, adults report feeling at ease in the world with more energy, more clarity, more emotional availability, as well as a sharper awareness of their intuition.  They enjoy an increase in their vitality and a general increase in their well-being and happiness.

I also work with those adults wanting a deeper understanding of their life’s path and who desire the empowerment that comes from accessing their own Akashic Record - their own soul’s journey.  The Akashic Records are one of the most powerful tools available today to help us find our personal power to create the realities we desire.  The Records are an amazing resource that allows us to manifest the human experience we want for ourselves in very real and practical ways.  Clients report feeling empowered with the wisdom to live their lives with more awareness, courage, and ease. This experience is empowering, healing and life changing.

Because I love sharing what I know, I also design experiential workshops for people looking to empower themselves with new knowledge and tools.

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What I Do