A reading with Jayne is powerful, insightful, and right on target. Jayne is compassionate and kind with challenging information being shared in the reading. It is refreshing to work with someone who has a pure heart and pure motives. I am grateful to have someone I can refer others to with confidence.


My daughter did not speak much at school for several years.  We thought she was just shy.  We have learned through Jayne's guidance that she is not shy at all, but has Selective Mutism!  After a few months of incorporating rhythmic movements into our daily bed-time routine, and practicing brave talking every day, my daughter is now speaking almost all the time at school.  Her fear is slowly dissolving before our eyes!  She is now asking to join acting classes!  She is so much happier and is showing her true personality in most environments!  Jayne's work has been a true gift to my little girl and our family!  -- SZ

I am a licensed speech-language pathologist and a mother of three. Through my experience as an allied health professional, and as a mother of kids who were falling through the cracks of our traditional systems -- each in their own way, I needed to take my journey for answers further and deeper.  I wanted answers for my clients and my family.  I was frustrated with teaching compensatory strategies which just covered up important issues and challenges.  In my quest for the right combinations of strategies that would address the root cause of the challenges my family and my clients' were experiencing, I found the healing properties inherent in reflex integration, movement-based learning and energy medicine.  More recently, I added the wisdom and empowerment that comes with accessing an individual's Akashic Records.  In my experience, this combination is responsible for the most profound and permanent changes that enable individuals to truly heal and live life with ease.  They all have common origins that can be traced to various ancient healing and spiritual traditions, as well as movement found in early neuro-developmental patterns.  I feel blessed to have found and studied these modalities -- and as a natural teacher, I thoroughly enjoy sharing everything I know with my clients!

My Committment

My son and I so appreciate the services of Jayne! Her work has been just what this sensitive 11-yo boy needed to become more confident and resilient. Jayne had a wonderful way with him, and his apprehension turned to acceptance and when we left he commented on what a good experience it was. We do our exercises nearly every day, and check often to make sure the techniques that Jayne used are still holding. I cannot recommend Jayne highly enough!

-- Mom of O.

Get to Know Me

I greatly enjoyed the Akashic reading Jayne facilitated for me.  What I found interesting was that everything I learned I was right on the cusp of anyway, so it was completely relevant and timely information.  It was truly helpful in making some decisions, in guiding me to know which path to take, and how my loved ones fit into the big picture.  It helped me feel more secure, more content that my life was exactly where it was supposed to be right now, and that keeping it simple is really enough, because it all leads back to love. Very empowering -- thank you Jayne!   -- Debbie M.

​​​Jayne Steinberg


I am committed to ensuring that each client and family is empowered, and accesses their innate healing power. I would be honored to guide you – it’s the most meaningful gift I could share.  This knowledge will continue to support you while you and your family live your lives with ease.


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